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What is a Pad?

A Pad is an online text editor that allows all authors to work on a shared document in realtime. The emerion Pad is an open text editor, based on etherpad and is useful for everybody who creates texts.

The Pad can be shared with others to work together on one document. It can also be shared as read only version for anyone who is not editing the document but allowed to view it.

Documents can be exported as Word, PDF, HTML or as simple text file at any time. The emerion Pad can be used by every Internet user and everyone can create as much pads as he or she wants.

The pad is useful for translations, protocols, press releases, program snippets, or even shopping lists to give just a few examples.

Edit articles online in realtime

Multiple authors can edit one document at the same time.

Every editor can enter his or her name and is also assigned a specific color.

Every modification is seen in realtime on the pad.

If more editors are working on the same document at the same time they can also talk to each other using the pad's chat.

Of course a time delayed editing is also possible.

Track changes

Every modification on the document is storead as "Version". With a time slider you can browse through the modifications and you can see the full history of the document.

Every version of the document can also be exported.

Everything online. No software needed. Availble from anywehre.

Your Pad is always online. You do not need to install a program or start a program on your computer. You just request the pad in your Browser and start working. It does not matter where you are working from.

You can edit your document from your office, from your home or your mobile.

Share the Pad with your team

Share your pad with others. Just send the link of the Pad to the editors you like to work with.

No registration. Use it for free.

Start a new Pad. You can use the pad instantly without registration.

Click here to start the Pad.

emerion respects the security and privacy of users. All data used on the pad is stored on the server only encrypted. No data will be used for promotional purposes. emerion does not use data elsewhere and the information is not otherwise evaluated. The usage of the pad is anonymous and emerion does not know user data. No analysis tools are used on the pad itself. Only default requests are stored by the respective IP addresses. emerion is not obliged to apply the EU data retention under Austrian law.

Cookies are only set for technically purposes. They are necessary for the function of the pad, and to store user preferences. These cookies are used only for the functionality of the pad.

The server access to the pad is SSL-encrypted.

External Links: On the respective linked sites the privacy conditions of the target site apply.

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