All applications from our CloudApp Store are automatically installed on your own cloud server that is dedicated to you. The server configuration is already optimized to the respective application. A few minutes after the order is placed successfully, the server is set up with your selected software application and is ready to use. The basic configuration of RAM, disk space and CPU cores, can be changed during the order process, but can also be changed at any time thereafter during the operation.

WordPress Content Management und Blog System Drupal Content-Management System Alfresco Cloud-Collaboration Server Joomla! Content-Management-System
Plesk Hosting Control-Panel Server cPanel Hosting-Control-Panel Server DirectAdmin Web-Control-Panel Server GPLI - IT and Asset Management System Server
Ruby on Rails Server Mantis Bug Tracker Server DokuWiki Server MediaWiki Server
Magento eCommerce Online-Shop Server LimeSurvey Survey Server OTRS Ticket-System Server SugarCRM Customer-Relationship-Management Server
Gallery - Online Photo Gallery Server elgg - build your own social network Liferay - Portal- Publishing, Content and Collaboration Server-System Silverstripe - Content Management System Server
Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP) Server Linux-Apache-PostgreSQL-PHP (LAPP) Server MySQL Server PostgreSQL Server
Sakai -  eLearning management and ePortfolio solution. Moodle - eLearning Server OpenEMM - Newsletter-System vmware Zimbra - Mailserver and Mail maintenance
Redmine - Project-Management Web-Application Server Projectpier - Project-Management Server OrangeHRM - Human-Ressource-Management JasperReports Server Business Intelligence (BI) System

The following terms and conditions apply for all CloudApp plans: The minimum service term is selected during the order process. The renewal of the service is performed by the customer with the payment of a new service period. An automatic renewal of the service takes place under the condition that there is sufficient credit on the account and the renewal fee can be paid in full.

Traffic is unlimited and is subject to our Fair Use Policy.

emerion executes the initial installation of the selected software, but is not responsible of the maintenance of the software (version updates). The customer is responsible for the maintenance and software updates itself.

All prices quoted are monthly fees and include a 20% sales tax.

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