Our cloud servers are highly scalable for any resource. You can add simply RAM, CPU-Cores or disk space to your server if you need it. You also can add as many servers as you like to your cloud and operate them together in one cloud.

Power on demand

The power you need is available on demand. Either you use autoscale and the server scales the resources he needs automatically or you can control it manually. And you just pay based on how much servers you use and how much resources you use. Resources are billed on an hourly basis.

Install Templates

We offer a wide range of Linux based templates optimized for different Linux distributions and applications. Templates are available for example for Plesk, cPanel, LAMP and MySQL and you can easily create your own template of an existing VPS installation.

The Cloud

You order a Cloud. In this Cloud you can create as many virtual machines you like. Resources like RAM, CPU, Disk space or CPU Cores are available for the whole Cloud. You assign these resources to one or more virtual machines you created in the Cloud. Assigned resources can be enhanced later during the runtime of the virtual machine.

If you switch on the function "Autoscale", the server assigns and adjusts resources automatically.

Resources are only charged if they are used on an hourly basis.


Order your Cloud

The minimum configuration of a cloud costs € 9,95 with 1 GB of RAM and 10 GB of disk space. All resources except for the minimum configuration are charged hourly.

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Take a test drive. Try our cloud for 3 days for free without commitment and use all functions. If you like our cloud, you can switch to a cloud product after the trial period expires. All your data and settings remain unchanged in case of an upgrade. No payment information is required for the trial.

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hosted in Austria Hosted in Austria: Our cloud is hosted exclusively on hardware of emerion in Austria.

Resource Prices

Virtual machine:0.1375 Cent per hour (corresponds to € 0.99 per month, if the server is used continuously during one month)
RAM:0.00055 Cent per hour and MB
Disk space:0.022 Cent per hour and GB / offline used disk space 0.0133 Cent per hour and GB
Premium disk space:0.033 Cent per hour and GB / offline used disk space 0.0133 Cent per hour and GB
IP-addresses:0.179 Cent per hour and IP-address
CPU Cores:0.275 Cent per hour and CPU Core
Backup disk space:0.0133 Cent per hour and GB

Find your price.


The costs are dependent on the resources used. The resources will be charged only for the time where you have set the resource to use, based on an hourly usage. Prices in the calculator are based on a monthly usage. It shows the price, if the selected resource is used one month continuously for example.

In the Basic Fee certain services are included, it applies every month. If you do not use more than in the Basic Fee included resources, so only the Basic Fee will be charged. Additional resources are charged on a hourly basis of usage.

Calculate your price by adjusting the slider of resources and compare:

For all Cloud Plans on this page applies: The minimum contract term is selected when ordering. The renewal of the services is done by the customer with the payment of a further service period. An automatic renewal of the services takes place only under the condition that there is sufficient credit on the account with which a renewal invoice can be paid.

Traffic is unlimited and is subject to our Fair Use Policy.

Our cloud systems are located in our State-Of-The-Art Datacenter in Vienna/Austria. All data on the servers in the emerion Cloud are distributed exclusively by physical equipment that is owned by the emerion WebHosting GmbH. Only authorized technicians of the emerion WebHosting GmbH have physical and virtual access. All data on the emerion cloud are located within Austria. Austrian laws apply and emerion is subject to the Austrian privacy policy. Emerion is not obliged by Austrian law to implement the Data retention.

All prices quoted are per month, 20% Austrian VAT included.

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