VPS Service Level Agreement

Due to the qualitative software, carefully selected business partner, constant monitoring, and maintenance by highly qualified administrators, the availability of the services provided by emerion amounts to more than 99.8 % (annual average)

These SLA concern the

  1. Availability of networks
  2. Speed - round trip time (transmission delay)
  3. Delivery
  4. Availability of services
  5. Usage Control and no overbooking
  6. Maintenance
  1. Availability of networks (> 99.8%)

    The necessary, physical infrastructure for the high availability of our networks is made possible by the State-Of-The-Art datacenter, which is managed by a world-leading backbone provider. The location (Vienna/Austria) and the equipment adhere to international standards. The data center has redundant air conditioners; redundant circuits secured by two UPS’s, two diesel generators, and a redundant fire extinguishing system. Access is given to authorized personnel only and requires an electronic key.

    The network offers high-speed performance, bandwidth, and capacity to offer the needed bandwidth even during traffic peak times.

  3. Speed - Round Trip Time (RTT) (Transmission delay)

    The round trip time is the time it takes for a data package to travel to receiver from sender and back.

    Destination RTT (monthly average)
    Vienna 0,06 milliseconds
    Frankfurt 13,48 milliseconds
    Amsterdam 20,84 milliseconds
    London 35,41 milliseconds
    Paris 23,32 milliseconds
    New York 107,34 milliseconds

    If emerion detects a transmission delay (latency) based on the following data, it will put in all economically reasonable efforts to find the cause and to restore the service level:

    Latency between two routers that are part of the European network: > 80 milliseconds
    Latency between two routers that are part of the USA (mainland) network >120 milliseconds
    Latency between two routers that are part of the New York or Washington and London network >180 milliseconds

  5. Delivery - Package loss (<1%)

    So called Packet Drops are caused by a service overload or malfunctions within the Internet. These data packets are discarded, although they are transferred again, but this results in delays in network traffic. The actual strength of the Internet, the rapid flow of information, is slowed down.

    emerion registers the amount of packet loss (excess packet loss) and in case of transgression of 1% emerion will put in economically reasonable efforts to find the cause and restore the service level.

    Destination Verlust (monthly)
    Vienna 0,00 percent
    Frankfurt 0,03 percent
    Amsterdam 0,05 percent
    London 0,06 percent
    Paris 0,02 percent
    New York 0,11 percent


  7. Availability of services

    emerion hosts all systems on its own servers. The availability of a server depends primarily on the customer. emerion manages the hardware and software control for vServers. emerion reserves the right to disconnect the vServer from the network if inconsistencies that could result from an attacked or hacked server occur. This may impair the availability of a server.

    The availability of a vServer is not guaranteed for the availability could be impaired through hardware defects, server overload, maintenance work, or inappropriate usage through customers.

    emerion uses a real time monitoring, which is available 24/7 and allows our on-call engineers to trace current events. For vServers we only monitor the hardware node and the software controlling

  9. Usage control and no overbooking

    emerion operates machines and services appropriately to prevent an overload of hardware nodes. The usage of all hardware nodes is checked regularly.

    The usage of a single vServer depends on the customer. High usage of resources can result in an overload of a single vServer. It is the customer's responsibility to control the usage. emerion only controls the usage of server hardware nodes.

    Our engineering team installs, maintains, our servers. Our server configuration enables safe operations of software and programs and limits impairments through program errors. emerion will make all economically reasonable efforts to prevent an overload to ensure the service level if problems that could impair the functionality arise.

  11. Maintenance

    To keep our systems up to date and current we regularly upgrade our soft and hardware. Our technically team carefully evaluates and tests new hardware, software and other configurations before we decide to use them. Only changes that pass this evaluation are implemented on our live enviroment.

    emerion will announce maintenance work that requires a prolonged downtime per email.


    Despite careful evaluations of software updates we cannot guarantee that all features of the controlling software will function properly.

    We do not announce reboots of vServers that occur during routine software a updates.

    From time to time emerion will also conduct unannounced updates necessary for the server security. This updated require rebooting the hardware node which will also reboot vServers. During this time the availability of servers is impaired.

  13. Hardware Replacement

    If the hardware is damages vServers might be only partially or not available at all. emerion will put in all economically reasonable efforts to resolve any issue as soon as possible. Replacement of defective hardware usually happens on the next business day.

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